Cyprus: Part III (Abandoned Places)

As promised here is the whole, (and the last) chapter from Cyprus with different abandoned places. Enjoy! 😉

Berengaria Hotel
As you can see I am going insane when I see abandoned places 🤭
The insides of Berengaria Hotel
Room with a view
Looking into the bright future
I would live in a place with such a breathtaking view
Abandoned village. It is a common thing over there
One more abandoned “village”, as it was written on the map, but it looks more like a temporary housing
Nature takes back what it belongs
I would caption this photo “Curiosity” 🙂
In many of them you couldn’t go inside because they had metal bars on doors and windows, but everything was seen from the outside
I was very surprised when I saw that they have whole abandoned streets, shopping streets, with freshly made buildings, but already abandoned
Unfortunately I don’t have here a photo in its full beauty, just some random shopping buildings
This one wasn’t actually abandoned, but it looked more scary than some abandoned ones
Abandoned ship EDRO III in Paphos

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