Cyprus: Part II (To the Mountains, sea, ancient ruins, and abandoned places)

This is part II, first part you can read here

Like I’ve said we’ve been pretty much all around the island, but I don’t have so many photos, so will post here randomly photos from different days. In this post I will have more pictures than words, so it’s perfect for those who prefer watching pictures instead of reading 😉

Panoramic view somewhere in the mountains
An abandoned village, there were quite few of them in there
Caledonia Waterfalls (Kalidonia).
One of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus, located in Platres Village
I had this idea to bring with me everywhere I travel this or other photo of Esperoza and make photos in front of various beautiful places in different countries, and to call it “traveling Esperoza” 😄
Zoya aka the Titan
Nothing special, just hugging a very old tree (500 years). In Trodos National Forest Park was also a 1000 years old tree, but I am not sure whether I have a photo of it
Among the clouds
Unfortunately it is not really seen on this photo, but we literary have been driving through the clouds
That little car I was talking about in the previous post, which took us everywhere ^_^
Omodos Village
It is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol
Abandoned hotel
Kourion Archaeological Site
Kourion Archaeological Site is located on the west coast Limassol, in the small town of Episkopi

You can read more information about it here

Baths of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, is located in the Akamas Peninsula, near Polis, North Paphos
Baths of Aphrodite
Even leaves in Aphrodite park are in the shape of heart
Kykkos Monastery (11th century), Troodos
Near Aphrodite’s Rock, it’s not the actual rock but it is located just at the same beach
At Cape Greco National Forest Park
Blue Lagoon
Not edited, it is rightfully called Blue Lagoon
One of only two times (at Cyprus) when I tried to step into the sea 😱
It is not the Blue Lagoon, it’s Yeroskipou Municipal Beach so it’s not as blue
I just like how the photo looks, though I don’t encourage putting locks at trees

All kind of colors. I purposely didn’t edit any of these flower photos, just to show you how naturally colorful these flowers are.

Oh, almost forgot, I’ve met Deadpool

Mighty Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Nicosia / Lefkosia
At this photo you can see how one building is split between two parts. On the left it belongs to Republic of Cyprus, and on the right to the Northern Cyprus
This is also Turkish part
St. Sophia Cathedral, converted to a mosque Selimiye Mosque
Büyük Han (Great Inn).
It is the largest caravansarai in Cyprus and is considered one of the finest buildings on the island
Tried to make some kind of an artistic photo, but was too tired for that

I simply love abandoned places, buildings, factories, cemeteries, hospitals, industrial sites, old houses full of history, as well as not so old buildings but still abandoned. Well as you can tell I just love every kind of them. For some reasons Cyprus has so many of these kind of places. That was a true delight for me. Initially I planned to add them to this post as well, but I guess it will be better to make a totally apart post just for that, otherwise it would be too many photos, and I think not everyone likes this kind of stuff, so I will leave this post pretty for those who don’t like dirty, spooky, deteriorated abandoned places. Here I will leave just one, as it is also considerate a tourist attraction. An amazing place, with breathtaking views and creepy history. If you will visit Cyprus and you like this kind of places I highly recommend you to visit abandoned Berengaria Hotel in Prodromos.

And one more “traveling Esperoza”

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