Singing Dead Can Dance…

Hello to everyone!
Today I have a very special and dear to my heart band, it’s Dead Can Dance. I have listened to them very first time when I was 15 years old, at that time I didn’t even know this kind of music exist, or any other types of experimental, avantgarde, dark or even metal music. Well the better way to say it would be I rather knew that all these genres existed somewhere, but I personally just never had a chance to listen to them. You know at that time we didn’t have computers and internet, so it wasn’t that easy to find all these underground genres of music, so we actually appreciated much more the music which was hard to get, and which we were buying saving money from the school lunches (by not eating them), unlike now, most of the people are so lazy even to listen to something for free, just by clicking the youtube play button, but that is a completely different story.
Returning to Dead Can Dance, I remember when I was recording my very first songs, the sound engineer said something like, I will show you some music you will like for sure, and he put Dead Can Dance…. I can’t even describe the flurry of emotions I had listening this music, it was mysterious, dark, enchanting, terrifying, grandiose, mesmerizing, out of this world… and as you can tell I instantly fell in love. And maybe I couldn’t comprehend entirely the music in that fragile age, but for sure I was fascinated by the fabulously unbelievable voice of Lisa Gerrard. And I started trying to sing like her, (obviously that wasn’t that good), after all I was just a child back then, not having almost any proper vocal education, but I kept trying. Fast forward I still can’t sing like Lisa, but

now at least I know that is because I have a completely different vocal type, anyway occasionally I still sing Dead Can Dance, and Lisa Gerard solo music, but more in my way than just trying to copy the original.
Here is my more than a modest attempt to sing Emmeleia… Don’t judge me to harsh, I am just wildly fangirling The Goddess and singing their music I feel myself closer to the mystery and grandeur of Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard.

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