Into the Fairytale

Last weekend we’ve spent in lovely Bremen and a little bit in Münster. It’s just a couple of photos from this trip, of course they are much more than this, but they all are taken on a phone camera, so they are not in a very good quality, just for personal use. I selected few of them and edited so they would look a little bit nicer. The views around where amazing, loved very much Bremen, in Munster we’ve been just a half of the day, in which we got under the hail storm, so we couldn’t properly see everything, and decided to return some other weekend.

Sorry couldn’t photograph the main tourist attraction of Bremen which is Bremen musicians, because there were always a lot of tourists around it,I have a few attempts, but they are just too blurry, dark with many people, so you can’t actually see the statue itself 🙂

This is the panoramic view of main square in Bremen with many historical buildings

Alte Mühle

This is the part of an old medieval street in center of Bremen, which is called Schnoor
St Lambert’s church in Münster
And that just me wearing an unusual for me clothes, I don’t normally dress up so fancy, but thought I can do that once in a while (especially as it was my birthday lol)

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