The Most Precious Gifts

This beauty is the birthday present from my highly, incredibly supportive husband. Honestly I don’t even understand how can someone be so supportive, and how he can still believe in me after me failing everything dozens of times. When I lost all the hopes in myself he believed in me, when I gave up music he believed in me, when I failed all his expectations he believed in me, and even in my darkest times of depressions when I was unsupportable and actually disgusting, he continued believing in me… I don’t know what to say…, I just feel a pure eternal gratitude for having such a tremendously amazing human being in my life.
We all know (or at least I hope so) that the physical things are not important, the most important things what other people can give us are not things, it’s their time, love and care. This physical gift is undoubtedly great, and of course I am happy now to have it in my living room, but the symbolism of this thing is even greater, it means that someone showed me their love and support once again when I wasn’t even deserving it.
Don’t ever forget what you have in life, appreciate all those little things that makes you happy, say thank you to the Universe, and most importantly never take for granted people in your life, they are the most precious gifts that you can have in your life. And this is me a very anti-social person telling you this 🙂 Unfortunately it took me time to understand all these simple life principles. With this I end up this short but meaningful post about the most precious gifts in life, but I think I will have in the future many continuations of this topic from various angles in here…

One thought on “The Most Precious Gifts

  1. Now that’s fantastic Zoya. Your husband is obviously so thoughtful and loving to give such a gift. As you say, it’s mainly the symbolic gesture that someone loves and cares enough about you, and above all, that the believe in you, probably more than you believe in yourself. I too have had many depressing times in my life, plus a few health issues, but it’s been the love and support of my wife which has kept me going. I tend to be a mainly quiet, some would say anti-social, sort of person. I was so shy as a child, and I guess that never ever really goes away. But I grew up, met a lovely girl, (who is now my wife), run my own small business and try to live life to the full to the best of my ability so that when I’m old and grey, (if I’m lucky enough to live that long), I can look back and think that I’ve made the very best of life, with the natural tools I was given. It sounds like your husband is a wonderful person and will stand by you through thick and thin. Now that’s what I call a precious gift. Love conquers all 🙂

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