Second Post (or “I promise I will come up with a better post name next time”)

In my second post I would like to talk more about the main theme of this blog (I guess, and hope), which is traveling.
Initially I planned to write just about my new travelings, which I am doing right now, or will do in the future, but again I have so many photos from the countries and cities I’ve already been to, and so many stories untold, that’s why overcoming my laziness for unarchiving old photos and trying to pull some frugal memories from the distant corners of my brain I decided to make a few posts about my past travelings.

Probably as a big majority of people I always was interested in travels, but my interest always was very moderated, as I was aware that my financial situation wouldn’t really allow me to do that. Anyway I noticed that my interest for travelings with the time started to grow and grow, and grow, and now I feel myself incapable to live in one place, and even more in my country (although I always loved my country). So now I feel it’s like an obsession, an insuperable urge to travel.

So far I’ve been in: obviously Moldova (almost all over it), and obviously in neighbor countries which are Ukraine and Romania, and other countries (in order of being there) in Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Israel, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta. In s

ome of these countries I was more time and in more places, in some of them less, which I hope to fix anyway. In my “new year’s resolutions” list was a line which says: “to live at least in 3 countries or more in this year”, hope everything goes as planned, fingers crossed 😀

Now I need to say that I know for the person who said that has an urge for traveling those are not so many places, but in my defense I will say that I visited those countries within three years, before that I was living just in my country, and been for many times in Ukraine, because I have many relatives there, and that’s all. So I intend to catch up all that time I was sitting at my butt and was doing nothing 😀
So my blog posts will look something like this, I will post a lot of old stuff, and in the meantime I will post all of that hopefully I will live in another country so I will have what to write new 🙂 Anyway that’s it for now, this was just like a little summary of everything, hope in the next one will have something more interesting…

3 thoughts on “Second Post (or “I promise I will come up with a better post name next time”)

  1. That’s still a lot of countries you’ve visited Zoya – a lot more than I’ve been too 🙂 Maybe one day you will be able to visit the UK. (We are a friendly bunch of people … honest 😀 and we do have a few days of the year when the sun shines, it’s not always raining.

    1. Oh I love rain, that is like the best weather for me, so this is really not a problem, more like on contrary 🙂 but unfortunately for the Moldavian citizens it’s very hard to get to the UK, at least right now, but I really hope something will change in the future…

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